Now just to wait for the FCC to update its database, and there will be another radio amateur in the household! Thanks to Dan KB6NU for the no-nonsense test preparation and to Allan WB5QNG for exam administration!

Now, to buy the new ham a new radio (and a second one for me too, of course). Recommendations for a rig to do + 2 meter analog? I have an RD-5R I'm pretty happy with.

DMR, fix your radio hour, net at 1600 EDT / 2000 UTC 

The repeater is back working in Ann Arbor, MI due to the work of Dinesh @AB3DC and Jay and the Brandmeister team. For reasons (as of yet unexplained) the server was out of sync with call signs so no audio was getting thru, tho connections were being acked.

Every day at 1600 EDT (2000 UTC) we host a "shut-in roundtable" on DMR Michigan statewide, BM 3126. All are welcomed, and we had a check-in from on 3/27.


cq feditalk 

Called CQ on on this a.m about 0845 Eastern (1245 GMT).

If someone who is routinely monitoring that channel can confirm that they saw something on their rig (even if they were not there to hear it) I'd appreciate it.

Still not sure what time of day will naturally find everyone in sync.

@M0YNG @M0XPX @sp6mr

keeping a logbook, daily nets 

I will eventually get better at logging, but now I have a dedicated logbook at my dedicated radio table.

We have 3x daily nets for shut-ins on the local ARROW repeater, 10a 2p (on DMR) and 7p Eastern time. The 2m repeater is not wired up to the Internet in any meaningful way, but the 70cm repeater is on Brandmeister and we're using 3126 (Michigan One) for the 2p EDT net. Had one check-in today from Florida.

Michigan is now on Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-4.

Our local repeater (W8RP) has evidently lost its link to Brandmeister. Awaiting a report on getting access to the site to reprogram things.

ARROW DMR net - Ann Arbor MI
800p Thursday

W8SFC Steve
N8ZLR Doug
KB8U Russell

W8EMV: cleaning shack, bicycle battery terminals to fix

N8ZLR: on MichiganOne Net Monday. Skywarn spotter training at UM. Toledo hamfest cancelled.

W8SFC: third Skywarn session cancelled.

KB8U Russell. fire up the radio and see that it still works. Looking at buying $30 80 meter receiver.

WA4DSR Pat. Quiet day, load in supplies. Telecommuting.

General discussion follows.

Hello !

I'm on this site to post about stuff, primarily notes to myself about operations or things i'd like to do.

I operate mostly 2 meter and from my home shack in the attic in EN82dg, and spend a fair bit of time DX'ing through the wonderful network of SDR stations around the world.

W8EMV is my current call sign, previously KD8OQG.

My "all radio" weblog is - I'll draft ideas here to post here.

cc @ed_packet


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