Good QSO on with 7J1AJH @jimt - Saturday night here, Sunday morning there.

Feditalk QSO 

Good chat with Mat @M0XPX - we ended up on the Michigan One DMR channel (3126) due to some unexplained limitations either in my radio, my repeater, the Brandmeister network, his hotspot, or his radio.

Bets are that I misprogrammed my RD-5R to tx on a different talkgroup than the repeater uses for dynamic channels. M0XPX could hear my calls on Feditalk, but I didn't hear his responses.

We concluded that DMR is indeed real radio because it doesn't always work.

cq feditalk 

Called CQ on on this a.m about 0845 Eastern (1245 GMT).

If someone who is routinely monitoring that channel can confirm that they saw something on their rig (even if they were not there to hear it) I'd appreciate it.

Still not sure what time of day will naturally find everyone in sync.

@M0YNG @M0XPX @sp6mr

cq feditalk 

Trying to connect on - @SteveW8SFC and I share a repeater in Michigan, and @M0XPX @M0YNG both have mentioned that channel.

I'm up for something scheduled, if ad hoc calls don't do the trick.


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