Hello! Happy to join. Thanks for the welcome.

I'm a new ham. I've been working on my little Xeigu G90 and am attempting to learn . I have an 80m EFHW with a homemade unun. and look interesting to me. I'm curious about and other . I've played a bit with , and . I should try HF phone, but I have .

I program a bit for fun ( ). I like the outdoors (). I recently retired.

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Yup, mic-freight is definitely a thing.

I love all the gadgetry & techniques around telephony & radio phone modes. But reeeeally don’t like talking to people.

@w3jce Hi Jim. Welcome to Mastodon.
I too have a G90, a nice radio considering the price.
I appreciate your mic fright and a helpful way of overcoming it could be to operate in a contest. The exchange is both extremely minimal and very predictable.

@Jeremy Thanks for the tip. Chasing POTA seems like another good minimal option.

@w3jce @Jeremy can confirm that contacts are s great way to work though the initial mic-fright that most hams experience. Digital modes are popular in pota also, if you prefer to say off the mic👍

@w3jce hi Jim, welcome on mastodon dot radio, do you have a description how you have made your unun ? 73s, Dom.

@hb9hli Hello. I followed K1RFs excellent presentation:

I built it using 2 FT-140-43s toroids, per the table in his presentation.

@w3jce thank you Jim, that is very interesting and complete. I will try it but I have T200 here, I hope it's ok.

@w3jce welcome to the community, looks like you have a good start in Amateur Radio.

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