Any opinions about FT-857? An old one is up for sale and I am wondering if I can use it for my SSB/CW/FT8 operations..

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@vu3rdd : that's my rig since years, great compact radio, mainly for SSB and digital modes (including FT8 of course).

@vu3rdd I love that vintage of Yaesu radios. I have an 817. Locally, anyone who can get their hands on an 857 has been scrambling to do so.

@vu3rdd Any rig I'm interested in, I check wether Rob Sherwood has measured the RX

@vu3rdd It's a kind of 'classic', and should serve you well in your CW and SSB operations.

@vu3rdd I own an FT-817 as a "hiking rig" and would own an 857 in a heartbeat.

@vu3rdd It’s a great all-band-all-mode radio. It includes 2m& 70cm.Up to 100W TX. If you find one in good condition, grab it!

@zs6kb Thanks for the recommendation. I have also found a Kenwood TS-480SAT in very good condition and am torn between getting one of these. 857 is available at a much cheaper price though..

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