Very balanced take on the #Stallman debate:
I do not agree with all of it, but I can get behind the criticism of specific passages in the open letter and the judgment on the fitness for leadership of rms is shared.


@zacchiro The author conveniently quoted parts of Keith Packard's speech (thankfully left a link to the talk). The parts Keith says next .. ".. we should have listened to him (richard) but we did not because we knew him too well.. I guess... (crowd laughs).. (Keith continues), you know he really was right, we need to remember that".

And social conformance is a regional thing, you know? We in India eat with our hands for ages! It looks strange when people eat with fork and spoons (& vice versa).

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@zacchiro I lost respect for a lot of past and present Debian folks during this saga, sorry to say (I am saying this as an old DD who has been running only Debian from 1998).

Talking bad things about people who aren't in the same room is considered a bad thing in this part of the world! We shouldn't be judging people only by their past good work, agreed, but the man deserves a lot more respect.

I hope FSF cleans up and reinvents itself to take on new challenges in computing and social order.

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