There were some peculiarities with setting up 9front on the Raspberry Pi, which were not covered in the (otherwise great) 9front FQAs, so I wrote up my notes in setting up on a Pi 3 B+.

Let me know if there are any mistakes or misconceptions there, I'm still feeling my way around here.

#plan9 #raspberrypi

@nf It looks as though I'm about a session ahead of you in setting up an rpi albeit with vanilla plan 9. All the same gotchas though. Great job with the notes. I guess your next step, is setting up a CPU server. Plenty to get wrong there, as I've just found. Again, some pi peculiarities, I think.


@broomhall I am about to setup a CPU+auth server on a Pi4. Do you have any notes on that?

I am planning to follow FQA and see how far that gets me and submit patches for things that I have to change differently.

My notes are here:


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@vu3rdd @nf @khm I'll try to get them online later today. I'm using vanilla plan 9 so there is likely to be differences.

@vu3rdd @nf

My notes on setting up a vanilla Plan 9 CPU+auth server on a Pi 1B.

Super rough but it's enough to be able to drawterm in from another machine.

#plan9 #raspberrypi



I converted my 9front term install into cpu+auth. I made many random changes that I now don't recollect all of them to note it down.

Also, the sshfs that was working in the terminal is no longer working. Auth "says no key matches". I had added it into $home/lib/sshthumbs (probably 9front specific file). Going to read a bit about auth tonight.


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