Raspberry Pi4-4GB feels very snappy. It would be really cool to put it in a convenient case along with a small screen, keyboard and a disk and use it as a portable computer.

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@Hawk1291 Didn't know about "Go Box" until I searched for it now after seeing your message. Apparently it is a big thing? Saw several Go-Box setups for radios and computers..

@vu3rdd Yeah very popular with the emergency comm guys in the states. fun to make and use!

@vu3rdd I've read that you need to consider some kind of cooling solution especially in a case. The pi4 runs hot and will throttle down due to the heat (and thus end up being a lot less snappy) when it does.

@K3LTC Thanks. I got a copper heatsink, but it looks like that is not enough and a fan is probably required?

@vu3rdd There's a video from "Explaining Computers dot com" (this guy is great imo ;) which goes over a bunch of options which might help you decide.

@K3LTC Thanks so much! That is pretty nice. I didn't know those big heatsinks are possible. The one I have is the small one. Also I am in a hot climate already, so that would also contribute a bit..

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