I am no longer on and I will try my best to keep away from some of the people on that server who have taken upon themselves the mantle of upholding the principles of Free Software! I am also observing that mastodon is not so different from twitter when it comes to sane discourse. That is expected - people can't be different when they type on a different browser tab.

I will be mostly tooting my (mis)adventures with amateur radio here and not much about anything else.

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@vu3rdd Im cool with just Ham radio! Watching a video on WSPR right now. ever messed with that mode any?

@Hawk1291 I am still on CW and only last week moved to voice because a friend loaned me an SSB rig with more power output. I would really like to try WSPR. I just got my old raspberry pi 2 out. Will try it out soon.

@vu3rdd I have yet to try it myself. Have done FT8 and other digital modes. There are some inexpensive all in one WSPR transmitters that are pretty much plug and play. Useful for checking propagation and testing antennas. I may look into one of those just for fun.

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