I'm Rajeev from Bangalore, India. Licensed as vu2ocy for over 30 years. I mainly work / on HF, with my favourite mode being on straight key! :-)

Here is my modest station setup :
HF Rig : Kenwood TS-450S
HF Ant : Mini G5RV
VHF : Icom IC-T7H dual-band HT

Was active on HF from Mombasa, Kenya as 5Z4GT during the period 1999 to 2003.

Would be interested to homebrew some multiband/directional for HF and also get into digital modes.

73 de Rajeev, vu2ocy

When it gets to digital, I can definitely recommend:
- APRS - can be done with an audio cable and Android phone, while popular and cool,
- DMR - cheap (in comparison) rigs, a lot of people,
- YSF - pleasure to use, but you're restricted to Yaesu offerings.
I still want to check out DStar, but it's kinda expensive 😀

Welcome here Rajeev. I hope you feel at home here soon.

73 from the Netherlands.

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