Just signed up here, so posting as suggested.

My QTH has made me a big fan of limited space antennas including magnetic loops, along with remote tuning and control.

Big fan of SSTV, packet radio, phone, and some digital modes.

Waiting for things to warm up here in Toronto so I can spend a little more time outside getting antennas set up properly.

@ve3xec welcome Derek! New here myself - also relatively new Ham. Still considering my options for setting up a permanent antenna. My Comet GP-3 is set up to mount on a portable tripod stand but most of the time sits inside my shack which is obviously less than ideal. Since I have only been working locally on 2m / 70cm so far that hasn't been an issue.

@K3LTC Hi Nate!
I'm also in the antenna-on-a-tripod club, since I've yet to permanently mount my HF magloop. Still tinkering with it, so I'm happy to leave it on my deck for the time being.
Looking forward to getting back on 2M and 70CM in coming weeks. I moved to a new place over a year ago and just haven't bothered putting any antennas outside for these bands.

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