@hamradio - or the world can I PAY 💰 $$ 💸💶💵 MONEY to put something in place to “replace” RADIO1D*NET ?? Anyone ???

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Kenwood ENDS production of TH-D74

Wow, just a little over 4 years after introduction - last units will roll out Dec 2020. Hopefully there's a revision or new HT coming out to replace it - esp. one with full split-band duplex. I wonder if it was a sales volume issue or something else? boosted boosted boosted

censoring the world's largest and most popular repository of scholarly research is as or more unconscionable as anything else that happened today

(and to think we nearly missed this among everything else!) boosted

SpaceX has been granted FCC approval to launch 10 Starlink satellites into a polar orbit on the Transporter-1 launch scheduled for Jan. 14. This will be the first launch of Starlink into a polar orbit. boosted boosted boosted boosted boosted

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