That just took a bit of work but I just worked 4X6GP (Israel) on 17m CW. Good op stuck with me while I kept having to correct him on my callsign.

Set the KX3 station up on my side table and made a few CW POTA contacts as well as some SSB this weekend. The amp definitely helps on voice.

Despite burning out on open890, I still have a bug in the back of my head to write a native cross-platform app, that doesn't run in a browser. I started prototyping it out with a while back, but I had no idea what I was doing, and Rust isn't the best choice for GUI apps.

I applied for the vanity call W0XP this week. I'm in competition with 2 other people for it, so those are actually pretty good odds. Stay tuned...

Hot take: Luke Vibert is at his best when he's _not_ dipping into his database of samples based on a specific word.

Today in bad Rubocop defaults:

Style/NumericPredicate: Use total_rows.positive? instead of total_rows > 0

Today's contacts: OH, AZ, FL (x2), ID, TX (x2), GA (x2), CA, SC, all on 20m CW with 10 watts.

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The new season of Kids in the Hall on Amazon Prime is pretty good so far!

I've really burned out on working on open890 the past several months, and I'm not sure I will keep working on it. There's stuff to do, but the motivation just isn't there right now.

My internet claim to fame is that I've now submitted two new entries to

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