Channeling my energy back into open890. Gearing up for the first new release in > 6mo!

I like writing software, but I don't like the career, or business, of writing software.

Sidekiq's push_bulk is amazing. 60 network calls to redis instead of 60,000.

Worked N6AN SOTA and WW3AAA POTA at today. The TR-35 performed pretty well, minus not being able to read the OLED display in direct sunlight.

At work, I need to chunk a 600,000-row CSV file into smaller, 50,000-row files. Instead of reading the file in code, and writing out 50,000 lines, I just shell out to:

split -d -l 50000 file.csv output.

Hmm, reading about ATU failures on the TS-890. Kenwood's got a repair strategy lined up. My ATU is fine, but I'm hoping Kenwood will update any 890...

Upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 and now my sound doesn't work.

I didn't win the "lottery" for W0XP unfortunately. Maybe I'll just go back to my original callsign, which is much nicer on CW.

No POTA today but logged a 7mi bike ride, so I'll count that as a win on my day off.

That just took a bit of work but I just worked 4X6GP (Israel) on 17m CW. Good op stuck with me while I kept having to correct him on my callsign.

Set the KX3 station up on my side table and made a few CW POTA contacts as well as some SSB this weekend. The amp definitely helps on voice.

Despite burning out on open890, I still have a bug in the back of my head to write a native cross-platform app, that doesn't run in a browser. I started prototyping it out with a while back, but I had no idea what I was doing, and Rust isn't the best choice for GUI apps.

I applied for the vanity call W0XP this week. I'm in competition with 2 other people for it, so those are actually pretty good odds. Stay tuned...

Hot take: Luke Vibert is at his best when he's _not_ dipping into his database of samples based on a specific word.

Today in bad Rubocop defaults:

Style/NumericPredicate: Use total_rows.positive? instead of total_rows > 0

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