@M0YNG what can I say 😃 what I like:
- feels really solid, almost indestructible
What I don't like:
- rather on the expensive side

In general it's a classic 2m/70cm handheld, waterproof, usage is not really complicated. In the age of DMR, YSF and DStar lack of any advanced features beyond analog FM and a nice receiver feels lacking. It would be nice if it would at least do APRS... anyway, I like it, it will be a nice radio for longer trips without worryibg about weather 😃

Very funny this device, good idea to have a wide RX range.
But HF bands without SSB (only A' and FM as I can see in specs) is not very usefully I think.


@F1RUM @M0YNG yeah, AM seems to be only useful for commercial radio stations and air bands.

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