Now I can confirm - over works. Now I'm waiting for the reception confirmation from @sp6hfe , to whom I've sent the message.

Confirmed - message was received and everything worked nicely. This is great.

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@sp6mr I used to check into our weekly winlink net using APRSlink as a method. Its not bad for short emails when all you have on hand is your ht.

@dokuja I have the problem that from my apartament I am only getting into the RX-Only I-Gate, so I am getting no messages back from the APRS. That's why I had to try it in the field 😁 But TBH having to enter the text on the FT2DE won't be my favorite way of using WinLink. Cool to show off to people, though 😉

@sp6mr ah, you found the RX igate hole. This is why I made mine a full igate (TX igate). Wish more people did or would not put up RX igates so that two way communication would work, but that's only going to happen when we convince people that APRS doesn't stand for automatic position reporting system.

It's not fun to type on an HT using multitap text entry, but for short messages via email, aprs text or SMS text (via smsgte) it's not terrible, but will prompt you to keep it brief.

@dokuja I think it's not entirely true:

I agree with what is written in that post - as long as you've been heard by an IGate which is able to TX, you will get reply messages. So, if you are unable to have an rx/tx igate, having an rx-only igate is still a good thing.

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