@rev_mook @sp6mr

I think I'm making some progress, I've heard my own packet being repeated back at me...

But I don't have any evidence that it has made it to an i-gate.

For example, axlisten shows:

1: fm M0YNG to SP6MR via WIDE1-1 WIDE2-2 ctl UI^ pid=F0(Text) len 17 12:57:45
Hello Testing! 73
1: fm M0YNG to SP6MR via G4GVZ* WIDE2-2 ctl UI^ pid=F0(Text) len 17 12:57:49
Hello Testing! 73

Just sent something from APRS-IS, let's see if it comes through. If it does, I'll try over the air today evening.

@sp6mr Right. Progress?

I've set up the "big" station as an APRS-IS iGate thing. It seems to work.

I've also cobbled together a cable to connect a handheld to my phone, with APRSDroid sending stuff over RF.
This *seems* get to get repeated, and iGated via my fixed station.

I have sent you a message, so hopefully M0YNG-5 is now in the system.

Maybe we could try this again when we are both near radios so see what happens!

@sp6mr hmm, not sure this handheld RX works to the phone ...

But I also didn't see it in my iGate logs.

I've tried sending you another , with your SSID in.

@M0YNG Looking at the raw packets on aprs.fi it looks like the allowed path is only WIDE1-1, which seems to be exhausted by TCP-IP. I guess it would need to be enlarged so the IGate would be able to retransmit it; it's possible to hardcode the path that the message will have to take, but I never did this. Looking at my last paths it may go through SR6NDZ to reach me, but it's quite far, so it might have been luck that I went through it.

@M0YNG Checked on aprs.fi - nothing seems to pick it up, maybe my local IGates are not configured to relay messages? Hard to say. At lease we tried 😉

@sp6mr indeed. I hope I've not accidentally disabled that feature on mine


Look what I got, looks like we need to be patient and everything will be just fine. QSO over messages - ✅

@sp6mr well isn't that awesome‽

I'll keep an eye on my logs and see if your message comes back the same way.

@sp6mr looking at my logs, I don't see your message.
But I do see an "ack2" coming in via APRSIS and being TXed by my gateway to M0YNG-5

wonder if you try sending me something with the ssid it might arrive...

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