I need some inspiration for a new antenna build.

What is your favourite 80-meter wire antenna?

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@sm6ywy Hmm, doesn't this depend on how much space you have? I have had similar results from the 48m horizontal loop I have at 4m agl and a hamstick dipole. I like them both but with my high QRN levels, smaller antennas start to look better.

@g0dub It does. We are moving from a 200 m2 garden to a 1400 m2 garden. This gives me a lot more room for antennas.

Are you happy with your loop?

@sm6ywy I *was* happy with it because it was a lower noise antenna than an end fed or vertical. Now it catches too much signal and overloads the receiver making more noise 😠 So I am looking for something small enough to manage noise but still big enough to put a proper signal out

@g0dub Sorry to hear that. It is always a bit disheartening when god antennas go bad.

@sm6ywy My available antenna space is about 155m2 but 2/3 of that is the house :-( The loop hides nicely in gutters and around the garden but it is low as I live in a bungalow.

@g0dub I was tempted to try an 1/4 wave L on current location. But I couldn't find any good way to fitting it, so that I keep both my wife and neighbours happy.

@sm6ywy @g0dub
Spouses are also conditioning factors😜 . I run my sloping 5+5m center-fed dipole from the chimney in the roof to the mulberry tree in my 30 m² garden, using a wooden bar to hold the center as far as possible from the (terraced) house I live in. Of course, it works great in 20m (and interestingly, in 4m too).

@sm6ywy 80m inverted vee for this location works great. We do have the benefit of plenty of space and trees. Also a partner who is a licenced amateur so slowly building an antenna farm.

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