Hi everyone!
I've been a ham since 2004 but has not been very active.

For the moment antennas and freedv is on my radar. In the past it mostly been 80 meters and qrp.

Thanks for letting me in @M0YNG

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@sm6ywy is cool. I need to get an extra sound card to try it in HF.

@Ea5iyl I have tried to at least listen to a FreeDv QSO, but I haven't had any success so far. I blame it on less than optimal antenna farm, QRP rig, and/or operator error. Not necessary in that order. 😉

@sm6ywy I assume these QSOs are scarce and that makes things difficult. The only way would be to set oneself up with another colleague nearby and try groundwave to check everything works.

Welcome to sm6ywy. Hopefully I will hear you soon on the HF bands.

73 from the Netherlands.

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