I’ve been a ham for over 37 years. I'm active on the 2m and 440 bands mainly using FM, WIRES-X/System Fusion, D-Star, and DMR. I am also on HF when the bands are open and can get in the shack. My 10-10 number is 49357 for those who collect such things.

I live in Temple, Texas with my beautiful wife, my two amazing kids and four lazy house cats. I’m a US Navy veteran and currently work as a SysAdmin.

Hello, Scott, welcome! I hope you like it here!

There's always a bit of new interesting stuff to pick up here...

From your post, I picked up 10-10 (which I had not been familiar with). Found an explanation at - promotes 10 m band.

Hope you find interesting content and pleasing contacts here, too!

@dj3ei When the band conditions are good and 10M is open regularly you may hear people exchanging their 10-10 numbers. They still sponsor contests on 10M.

@scott_n5jlq Gidday Scott. Welcome! Thanks for reminding me - DMR works so much better when you turn it on 😀 The HF bands should get better, as we seem to be only about 25% of the way up the peak.

@gmoretti 15M FT8 was great today. Threw out a CQ and Italy and France came right back to me.

@n5gsg Thanks! Having fun here so far. Nice to meet you.

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