Just picked up Scotland on 15M FT8. The band is open to EU from the US. It's always fun to work a new country.

The Belton, TX Hamfest is this coming weekend. If you're in Central Texas you might enjoy this. tarc.org/hamexpo/

Made a couple of DMR and Fusion contacts this evening. I need to figure out how to set up the YSF2DMR on my Pi-Star hotspot so I can do it with just one radio. Had a good night on 15M and 30M FT8 too. Ham radio multi-tasking.

I had a nice QSO on the System Fusion Fediverse room that @michael set up. If you have a Pi-Star, hit the Update button on the dashboard or run a sudo pistar-update from SSH and your YSFHosts file will be updated to add this to your reflectors/rooms list.

I worked some DMR on the way into work this morning. That brings up a question or two. How many Mastodon.Radio hams are on DMR? If you’re on DMR, what’s your preferred talk group?

Made 81 HF contacts this weekend. Mainly 12M, 15M, and 30M FT8 with a couple of 15M SSB contacts. Picked up 10 new countries. I’d say it was a pretty good weekend for

I just worked another new country for me, Austria (OE3GCU) on 15M FT8.

I just worked the Netherlands (PA3CPS) on 15M FT8. This is another new country for me. Lots of EU stations on this morning.

Just worked Fiji (3D2USU) on 30M FT8. Today's HF activity is starting off on the right foot.

Today's totals. 24 FT8 contacts from 8 countries including three new ones. Bands worked was 12M, 15M and 30M.

I just worked an OH4 (Finland) on 15M FT8. The bands are great tonight! Three new countries for me.

I also picked up a BW2 (Taiwan) on 15m FT8. It's been a good week for FT8!

Just picked up a new country, an RZ station on 12M FT8.

Just worked Poland (SQ2GXO) on 15M FT8. That's a new country for me. Lots of EU stations on 15M at the moment.

Another good night working FT8. 16 contacts on 12M, 15M and 30M from 7 countries.

This evening's totals were 13 contacts on 15M FT8 including 3 from Japan, 1 from Panama and the rest from the US.

15M FT8 is going like gangbusters here in Texas tonight.

Every time I decide to make major changes to my DMR codeplug I almost instantly regret it.

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