Disappointed that Firefox is giving Cloudflare user DNS resolution data by default via DoH. I trust my ISP but if I didn't, I'd use a trusted VPN to protect *all* my traffic. DoH is just a DNS-only VPN. What's worse, if you do use a VPN for #privacy FF will still leak your DNS data to Cloudflare by default. blog.mozilla.org/futurerelease

Ask yourself why all these companies are fighting each other to be your default DNS provider. Why do their "privacy" solutions always give them your data instead? It's valuable data and it's easy to control it yourself. #privacy linuxjournal.com/content/own-y

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@kyle here is a question for you. How could you make this act similar to pihole with its blocklists as well as caching your DNS data? Pihole seems to go out to one of the big ones if it doesn't have it

@n0btc Sounds like it would be possible if you set up a DNS server in the pihole server and pointed it to localhost.

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