I needed an optocoupler for the PTT circuit for the PK-88. Minimum order quantity was 25.

I went to put these into my component drawers and found I had a drawer with 24 in already.

So I guess I will have 48 left once I've made the interface cable.

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I might not have the PTT working between the PK-88 and the FT-817, but functionally the HamBSD KISS driver is correctly talking to the PK-88, which means that I can update the man page to say that it's known to work:


#hamradio #hambsd #ax25
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Almost got this setup working. Just the PTT seems to be a problem. It looks like radios in the past wanted a +ve signal to activate PTT but the FT-817 wants the PTT connected to ground. The PK-88 doesn’t have a mode for that. #hamradio #ax25
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My fix for printing #ax25 addresses with SSIDs correctly is now committed to #Wireshark! That's my first Wireshark contribution. :flan_hacker:


Scribbles from dissecting addresses during debugging 's dissector (it didn't show SSIDs, and lost the last character of callsigns when the SSID is greater than 9).

Submitted a patch to Wireshark, just waiting for review.


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Want to get your hands on some #HamBSD stickers? Sign up to support HamBSD on Patreon at a qualifying tier and I’ll post some to you.

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Coming up on 24 hours now for the #HamBSD build. If it does similar things to amd64 I think it is almost done. There must be something I’m missing that can make “make build” parallel. There’s 64 CPUs but it’s only using 1. #sparc64
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Want to know what #HamBSD things I worked on in October? I wrote a post with an update. :flan_writing:


#bsd #openbsd #hamradio

@g0dub I was reading your page about data networking on your website and I think the project I'm working on, HamBSD, might be of interest to you.


I'm implementing an AX.25 stack that will support TCP/IP encapsulation, using a KISS TNC. A HamBSD machine can act as a router between microwave, Ethernet, 4G/LTE and HF/VHF/UHF links.

If you succeed with the £10 TNC, let me know and I'd be happy to check that my code is compatible.


I'm Iain, from Scotland.

I'm interested in packet radio on HF, VHF and UHF. I'm working on a secure, robust and reliable packet radio stack on top of : hambsd.org/

I also have packaged a lot of radio-related software in Debian: qa.debian.org/developer.php?lo


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