@dj3ei Herzlichen Dank für den sehr interessanten Vortrag, auch wenn ich „konditionsbedingt“ leider nicht bis zum Ende durchhalten konnte.

Was mir dabei sehr klar wurde: In Sachen CW ist es längst nicht nur mit dem Erlernen des Morsens getan. Es ist eine Welt für sich mit ganz eigenen Gepflogenheiten.

@dj3ei Danke für die Ankündigung. Ich freue mich schon darauf. 👍

Okay there's something really cool I've just learned. If you are continuously recording air pressure e.g. as part of your home automation setup or a weather station then you should really check the data of the last 24h.
You should be able to spot the pressure wave from the volcanic explosion in Tonga earlier today.

It reached my setup in Kaiserslautern at about 20:30.

@dj3ei Thank you very much, Andreas. This is a wonderful hobby with great people. I regret that I discovered it so late. But better late than never - thanks to Sven. 😀

The is now commercially available. First as a kit, later also fully assembled. The 4.50€ price difference makes it difficult to find an argument for self-assembly. Here is the official source of supply: rowaves.com/product/trusdx-5-b

@dl4mat These are really difficult decisions, Matthias. The 818 is also a fine device that I liked. Another favourite was the FT-891, but at some point I had to choose my best compromise.

I also wish you much joy in our common hobby. 🍻

@dl4mat Thank you, Matthias. I have actually owned a Baofeng for some time now. An IC-705 has now been added to the licence.

After almost three months and more than 162 hours of learning and repeating, I have achieved what I could not quite believe in at the beginning of last October as a complete newbie without any technical background:

On 08.01.2021, I successfully passed the amateur radio exam in class E (Novice) at the Federal Network Agency in Dortmund/Germany. 😃 Today I got my call sign: DO1MIM.


Thank you, Matthias - also for sharing your experience. I have indeed already been warned strongly. 🙈 But maybe the problems in our metropolitan area are also a good reason for me to take a closer look at CW or digital modes. I am very curious.

I like Mastodon very much. I didn't know it at all until yesterday and came here through a recommendation from an OM.

Best Regards

Hello! My name is Michael, I was born in the late 70s and I am located in Duisburg (Western Germany), JO31HK.

I'm just a bloody newbie – without a clue about electrics – about to take the exam to get my license, german class E. Looking to get into ham radio the hard way: .

In the future, I would love to be out and about with my and a tx in my luggage, doing radio operations high up on the slagheaps of the Ruhr area.


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