After almost three months and more than 162 hours of learning and repeating, I have achieved what I could not quite believe in at the beginning of last October as a complete newbie without any technical background:

On 08.01.2021, I successfully passed the amateur radio exam in class E (Novice) at the Federal Network Agency in Dortmund/Germany. 😃 Today I got my call sign: DO1MIM.

@mimidu Congrats! Time to get active and lose yourself in this rabbit hole of a hobby :) vy 73

@mimidu do yourself a favor and don't buy a Baofeng. Spend 2 bucks more and get a real HT.

@dl4mat Thank you, Matthias. I have actually owned a Baofeng for some time now. An IC-705 has now been added to the licence.

@mimidu oh, I'd love a 705 but I went for the FT-818. I heard nothing but praise about the 705. You won't regret it. Have fun exploring the ionosphere and congratulations for your license!

@dl4mat These are really difficult decisions, Matthias. The 818 is also a fine device that I liked. Another favourite was the FT-891, but at some point I had to choose my best compromise.

I also wish you much joy in our common hobby. 🍻

@mimidu Congratulations. Now a whole new world of confusion (but really interesting) is open to you, especially antennas and transmission lines which initially seem so straight forward 😀

For antenna supports that are bike-portable, check out the telescopic fibreglass/carbon fire masts from Sotabeams in the UK… and they have ultrathin and light wire for antennas too.

Congratulations! Wonderful!

With your new rig, you can now become active on shortwave while conditions on 15 m and (later) 10 m are expected to gradually improve over the next three years or so. Excellent timing to become licensed!

@dj3ei Thank you very much, Andreas. This is a wonderful hobby with great people. I regret that I discovered it so late. But better late than never - thanks to Sven. 😀

@mimidu schön zu sehen, dass Du es geschafft hast! Meinen Glückwunsch! Bei mir war es im Februar soweit! Hatte ebenfalls drei Monate intensives lernen hinter mir und war froh, als ich es geschafft hatte.

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