Trying to build a cheap charging cradle for the Motorola SL1600/SL300. Motorola is asking 50€ for a piece of plastic that applies 5V to two points of the radio on the lower end of its sides. I printed a cradle that was intended to fit into car cup holders, drilled two 4mm holes into the sides and plugged two banana plugs into it. It works and charges but it is unreliable bc it loses contact quickly. I need something that puts pressure on the contacts. Any ideas?

@michael Look for spring pin test points or pogo pins. Legit manufacturers are Ingun, Mill-max, or Harwin. There are many cheeper clones available on Aliexpress.

@Cryochasm Thank you very much - they look great.I only need to find a way to secure them in the plastic wall so they don't push themselves out

@michael (Terrible image included) What about printing a circular collar that has ID about 5mm larger than your OD, add at 90 degree from the banana connectors ~7-8mm blocks, that should create some spring action on the plugs.. but I don't 3d print, so I'm not sure you can safely deform the plastic like that...

@m0xki Thank you for your idea! I like it but have the problem, that I am unable to use CAD software and therefore mostly print downloaded stuff - not models I made.

I also thought about taking those springy blades from the battery compartment of a defective device.

Either way I need to improve my CAD skills...

@michael just make sure there is really no charge controller in the original cradle. Yaesu does it this way, wouldn't be surprised if other manufacturers do it, too.

@dl4mat Thanks for the hint. This is why I waited so long to try but it looks like the controller is in the HT. The Motorla has a USB port which can be used for charging, too.

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