I am still looking for a nice digital voice community / talkgroup with people I can relate to. All DMR TGs / echolink conferences etc seem to be location specific or are dead.

Would you regularly join/monitor a Fediverse Talkgroup located in the TGIF DMR network or an Echolink conference server? Or something else?

@michael I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. You can start a talk group to your liking any time in Brandmeister, for example. In that network, numbers starting from 98001 are assigned to non location specific exchanges, for example 98003 is "Reddit". You could pick an empty number, let us say 98314 and use it as "Discord". Is that the idea?

@michael If that is the idea, I would not be able to listen continuously to that talk group. I am using DMR over public relays, not over a personal hotspot. The relay will connect to any talk group, but only for 15'. So if I wanted to listen to that TG in the hope someone is using it, I would need to reactivate the relay every 15' tying up public ressources to my personal use. I don't think it is a good idea.

@dl2jml That is pretty much the idea, yes. But instead of using the Brandmeister network, I created the TG inside the TGIF network. I never use public DMR repeaters since there are only Brandmeister repeaters here and I am not interested in 262 or 91. I also don't want to bother others with me exploring different TGs they are not interested in. Furthermore, I feel watched/supervised when using public DMR repeaters.

So my strategy is: Public FM repeaters and a private DMR hotspot.

@michael @dl2jml We did have a Feditalk talkgroup on Brandmeister (23514) which @M0YNG announced here mastodon.radio/@M0YNG/10374204 but network admin politics may have taken it away? The problem remains though that to be really useful, any talkgroup needs to be static on the hotspot or repeater.

@g0dub @michael @dl2jml @M0YNG might be able to set one up on tgif network. That is where my local wiresx repeater network is bridge too.

@michael @g0dub @dl2jml @M0YNG Cool, last time I check I didn't see that room before... I also don't get on DMR rooms very much since I went mostly went to wiresx way. Wiresx is the most common digital mode in my area.

@notptr @g0dub @dl2jml @M0YNG It was created this morning which should explain that ;) we now have a new wiresx repeater here, too. I have planned to experiment with it the next days

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