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I wrote a thing about Jack Tramiel, Commodore, Atari and his desire to crush the thing he built to win at the war of business:

The maintainer of hamlib has asked for bug reports/feedback on whether a number of rigs (marked alpha, beta and untested) work with WSJT-X.

There's a list at:

My 9 year old nephew has been making stop motion videos for a few weeks now.

Here's the latest:


Well, I clicked the button to "tax" my car. Even though there's no fee! And actually I've not really used it much for months now.

Over 400 people replied to the GQRP club's survey about holding the convention online, and most were keen.

That's an impressive number! When I went to the live convention a couple of years ago there were probably about 40 of us there in total!

It makes me think that when things go back to normal talks also need streaming.

NASA have been making images of the sun every 0.75 seconds for a decade, that's pretty amazing.

They released a video where each second is a full day, at:

I found this via:
which also lists the days a few cool things happened.

WSJT-X 2.2.2 is out. It's a bugfix release with some decoder speedups, so that's cool:

> It is particularly targeted for slower single board computer users such as the Raspberry Pi Model 3 or similar.

Announced at:

And release notes at:

Not sure if anyone caught this a couple of weeks back, but here's a thread on tncattach, letting you use a KISS TNC as a full network interface - if it's of interest!

I had it hooked up to the TH-D72 with no issue, was able to send ping traffic through it. Will need to get the TNC-Pi up and running again so I can get a device at the other end to receive / respond.

Yay, my yearly fortnight of moderate stress at work is basically over, and now we move into the season of many interns.

Of course this year we got a puppy to act as a stress multiplier 😂

Here's Kin the golden retriever. About .9.5 weeks old and made of teeth....

It's nice to see the RSGB's response to the Ofcom EMF consultation:

I've only skimmed it, but it looks to be detailed and well argued, and recommends some tweaking to license wording, rather than anything more extreme.

In my mind this is why we should be paying our national societies!

Ohh, WSJT-X 2.2.1 was released with some bug and regression fixes. Get it at

See: for the announcement.

Release notes at:

Looks like it's worth grabbing for the fixes. It's interesting that they statically link their own hamblib that's much more recent than the last release.


The GQRP club convention is running remotely this year.

I have mixed feelings about this. I'm increasingly of the opinion that if I can't physically _go_ to the thing then I'm going to find it hard to make time for it.

There's a survey which is also open to interested non-members.

Went to a virtual club meeting last night, which was pretty interesting.

Roy G0VFS's "VirusPerplexed" bug key is pretty amazing -
especially when you consider he made it using photos of Vibroplex keys.

The RSGB posted a pic of it as well:

I'm jealous of all these people with all this free time!

WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA is out.

Details at:

Release notes at:

The release cycle seems to have been focused on decoder and hamlib improvements.

WSJT-X-rc3 is now out, just a few days after rc2.

See for details.

Primarily hamlib related bug fixes.

There are some new frequencies for in addition to existing ones.

7.071, 10.133, 14.071, and 50.310 MHz

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