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WSJT-X 2.1.0 has been released:

The main addition is the FT4 mode, but quoting the release message:

Improvements have also been made in the following areas:

- FT8 waveform generation using GMSK, fully backward compatible
- user options for low-sidelobe waterfall and spectrum display
- UDP messaging for inter-program communication
- accessibility

... as well as many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Release notes at:

"The Antuino is an Antenna Analyzer and a compact RF lab for the homebrewers"

This look cool, I like the big control knob:

Here's the RSGB's statement on the 2m WRC process:

tl;dr: please don't sign any random badly worded petitions, we're on it.

I think (as others have said) continuing to pay the RSGB for membership is probably the best course of action for now.

The PiJuice zero looks nice. It's a UPS/battery management HAT for Pi Zero:

This might be a fun way to make a mobile GPS based clock or maybe an APRS module, if it's stackable with the boards @M0YNG has.

Pi Supply is a UK company, so I expect they'll be available direct eventually for us brits ( has some larger HATs for full sized Pi boards), but the shipping cost seems fairly reasonable.

This "The RFzero™ board is an Arduino compatible GPS based Si5351A RF signal source" looks pretty cool:

Cost is ~£60, so not bad.

Just read about this simple SDR in June's QST mag:

What a neat (and small) project!

Ooh, just read that 2m crossed the Atlantic for the first time:

Naturally, everybody's favourite FT8 was involved 😀

Looking forward to reading more about this.

Had fun at BSidesBristol today. Won a Pi 3B+!

Finally got my Pi synced to the PPS pin on the GPS I plugged into it. It's currently indoors with a small ceramic antenna, but works.

Software is gpsd and chrony, hardware is a cheap ublox board with a hirose u.fl connector and a patch antenna, soon to be replaced with a chinese outdoor antenna.

The Pi is a model b, configured to use the standard UART (ttyS0) not the better one (ttyACM0), but that might need to change.

I think it'll be cool to add a little display with position/clock info.

Our stall at Westrally was busy! Manning it was good fun and stopped me buying too much junk.

Most interest was in G0VFS’ paddles but nobody bought them 💁🏼‍♂️

Looking forward to Westrally ( tomorrow, in Frome.

I plan to help out on the T&DARC ( stall so it should be a fun day!

Whoops, that last but was supposed to be the image description. Not sure what I did there.

Frank (G4YXS) holding a t shaped wooden antenna. The antenna is a dipole made of coax!

Had a lot of fun on the club’s fox hunt last night. It was my first, so I basically went to see how it worked. My team failed (mostly due to a lack of decent gear I reckon) but I will know what to do next time! First on the list is getting my tape measure antenna working.

Looking forward to it!

The RSGB has relaunched RadCom basics:

For some reason they have done it using their crufty and ancient online store!

I highly recommend the Ham Radio & Electronics Stackoverflow weekly newsletters.

They bundle up the top questions each week and mail them out, which makes for a quick and easy way to learn a few interesting things.

To signup, go to your SO account (on any instance) find your profile and navigate to newsletters.<your-user-id>

This double sideband TRX kit looks like fun, and not too expensive:

A bit like a useful version of the RSGB's PSK receiver kit perhaps.

(I don't remember where I found DK9JC's blog, but it's worth subscribing.)

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