: /dev/serial/by-id/ has persistently named serial devices on .

Perfect if your serial ports keep swapping over when you reboot or plug/unplug things, just use these in places of /dev/ttyUSB$no.

I don't know when this magical feature appeared but it beats messing with dev rules. 💻📻

@M0YNG Cheers! I messed about with udev rules for a while and couldn't get permissions right, then I found that and it was basically exactly what I needed.

@m0puh That looks so useful. I'll check to see whether my xubuntu 18.04 machine has it later.

@g0fcu if it doesn't the rules you need are here:

Looks like it has been in udev for a while though (my system is Raspbian Stretch on a Pi B) probably similar recent Ubuntu releases.

@m0puh it does support it. Too late to try it tonight. Thanks for the tip.

@m0puh I've set up cqrlog/rigctl to use this method now, works great. Thanks for the tip.

@m0puh this would be very useful because I have to keep unplugging everything and plugging it back in in the right order every time I reboot

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