The is transmitting images again, but the audio level is extremely low. I’ve only been able to capture these two fuzzy images so far.


@kr4dio Is your callsign really KR4DIO? That's pretty slick. Not quite as good as a guy M0VIE I used to know, but almost.

@iona Yes, that’s really my call sign. When I heard K6GOD on the air for the first time I started looking into vanity calls, and wrote a little dictionary search script to help find one that was available and “cool.”

@kr4dio When I got my call, they were still allocating them randomly! These days, you can pick.


@iona sorry, I don’t know where you’re located. In the US they’re assigned sequentially by region — mine was KG5YZH — but depending on your license level you can request a custom call. Most of the good ones are taken, though!

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