@SekhmetMedusa It troubles my anti establishment sensibility, moderated and cleansed for tourists. I speculate an aesthetic of moderation here (in a social media sense) mixing in with relational aesthetics - and to be fair there has to be thoughtful control over public participation, i.e. troll attenuation. That IS public commissions, their character. I am fond of it, and your bright aesthetic in other work. Super congrats! I know I'd enjoy visiting it even as the word "heritage" makes me wary.

@KO4UGN just the tender ministrations of Uncle Darwin...

I don't really want to encourage Republican violence, but as long as their competence is along these lines? Or the guy who shot (and missed) at the FBI this week and later got "handled" by the professionals? I don't like it but I can live with it.


Disaggregated, composable infrastructure facilitates decarbonized, compostable infrastructure.

@W6AIT Could be, but I know so many Q types who think soy is feminizing them, adrenochrome, Chinese tanks, Trump won... They believe it and they rage. So I can see it.

Well that is just, stupid people. If you don't like it you don't have to order it. Here is one of many things wrong with the U.S. I have no love for radical vegetarians who want to control what other people eat too, btw. If you are outraged by another's diet and make that political, then you are a problem that needs repudiation.


@sugar So true. I used to scoff at the threat of the internet being turned into cable TV. But essentially, that is what has happened.

Sorry China but your fear of a diminutive Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is not a good look. It makes you appear to lack confidence and demonstrates guilty conscience that your system is inferior to Taiwan's. Sorry, but it is your face, and you are showing it to us all by miscalculation.


Take a moment to mourn. We were at long last on our way to unified memory, until we were not. We could glimpse the fuzzy outline of a world free of Von Neumann bottlenecks. Now, darkness. Material science came to the rescue, but we could not see the possibility. I hope a forward looking group buys up the Optane IP from Intel.

The Register: Why the end of Optane is bad news for all IT.

@M0YNG @michael I have a couple of 12V Celeron mini boxes that take a sata drive. Not as sexy as a PI but prolly similar used price these days. Old "business" systems (like Dell Optiplex) can be very cheap but have full power supplies.

There is another side to this: in remote US communities that are not Aspen, Tahoe or Sun Valley, the cost of housing is very low but there are practically no jobs. People scratch out a living with odd jobs and sometimes commute at great distance, living in their car or the like, intending to get laid off or fired so that they can go home on unemployment and be with their families for a time. Housing crisis in the US is far greater than the "homeless" problem.

@ki7klt too far North, only 45C here, Drink water while you have it.

@fuchsiashock what are these words? (Leaves for a walk in the desert.)

@W1CDN we live a low watt lifestyle, no air conditioning no clothes dryer, warm one room in the winter. Therefore, not reason to monitor. It is hot were we live, Sonoran desert, but as it turns out, humans lived here for thousands of years. My small town 14 miles from nearest car service had and elderly woman living here, she was in here 90s, when electricity first arrived.

Guy Fawkes no doubt.

Tory Leadership Debate stopped after loud crashing sounds. What new shambles is this?


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