Most of you may know me for the #rc2014bbs "RC-BOX BBS" which I have been promoting throughout the fediverse recently.

However, my nickname originates from my other, older BBS, the "Wintermute BBS" which I started back in 2009 and which is still up and running.

It's a #linux based #bulletinboard #bbs running the #mbsebbs software.

It's a bi-lingual system, supported languages are english and german (system messages and menus are available in either language).

It's currently connected to good old FIDOnet and BBSnet (further networks are being prepared, e.g. amiganet).

The filebase features some #commodore stuff and file-echos are also being prepared right now.

There are some more commodities: I've got a selection of old DOS doorgames and some Infocom games to play for you.

To keep you informed about the latest news, there's the "Newsroom" with a selection of german and english RSS feeds to read.

Maybe you want to drop by sometime?!

#bbsing #linux #fidonet #wintermutebbs

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