Working on mounting my Xiegu G90 in a go box. Making these brackets was Step 1

Harbor Freight ammo box based battery box for my Bienno. I like the fact that the panel elements are covered. Bigger than I need for my 9ah battery, but this will work for others as well. Based on WH6F Radio’s YouTube video and looking at the wiring diagram for the box on the Powerwerx web site.

This clip from Bell Labs, which to me is redolent of pipe tobacco smoke and chalk dust, unlocked my understanding of SWR and other RF behavior:

With work travel it’s been a while since I could take the time and do it right. Sourdough caraway rye. Sandwiches today. Bulgarian Egg Toast for breakfast tomorrow

For my day job, I work with robots and AI systems. I listen to jazz (Hard Bop especially). I recently got a MA in Military History because I wanted to improve my reading and writing skills. I enjoy genre fiction (SF, Fantasy, Mysteries). Husband to an amazing woman and father of two more. My amateur radio interests are primarily in digital modes (HF), and I'm starting to look at UHF/VHF. Mic shy. My Elmer is the Ham Radio Workbench podcast.


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