Bit of a band opening on this morning, I'm guessing a temperature inversion with the early sun.

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Are you interested in learning about the basics of antenna design?

Join #HackadayU and @antenna_karen for the new course →

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Just had a thought that anonymous would be essentially . Not that anyone would want to bring that sort of toxicity back, but limiting all messages to only those people within RF range would accomplish the same thing without all the backend.

Some fool* turned up the squelch on my radio a day or two ago and I wasn't seeing lots of packets. Turning it down all the way seems to have helped immensely.

*it was me

Great podcast episode about . So excited for real infrastructure.

[No Nonsense Amateur Radio Podcast] Episode #12: JS8CALL allows you to pass messages with the robustness of FT8 via @PodcastAddict

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thanks to @dzuk for making these and @thegibson for installing them.

going to have to toot more #hamradio stuff now so i can make good use of them.

Finally measured the loss in the unlabeled 80 ft piece of coax given to me by my elmer (WX1O) 20 years ago (along with a receiver I still have). Works put to about 2.7 db/100 ft, not bad.

Still going to upgrade, if only to shorten the feedline.

@k0stk I probably won't be able to make that time.

@KK4QAM I'm actually pretty excited to try JS8CALL when I get a chance. The more I play with APRS, the more I realize the excitement of just seeing stuff come in over RF. It might be different if I lived in an area with a lot of traffic, though.

@k0stk it's on my list of things to do! Real job getting in the way.

Are you up in these parts today?

Please share your thoughts about feedlines.

Someday I will upgrade and get on , but it's also super fun to nerd out about things like and how I can use it for events. So there's that.

@osvaldorosadoq did you get hamlib installed before installing direwolf? I skipped it because I couldn't figure it out and didn't need it to use GPIO pins for PTT.

@ve6bbs I just got this working the other night and still adjusting igate settings. Should be pretty fun next time I'm out in the country.

I think I was wrong. Might have been using two servers that weren't communicating for some reason. Seems to be working now.

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For some reason, this seems to interfere with gating IS>RF, though. Still experimenting.

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The closest answer is apparently SATGATE. This will delay gating any RX>IS for a given number of seconds (default 10), then if the packet shows up on IS, will not gate it.

This seems to allow redundancy in iGates; if the other one in the area is down for some reason, this one will gate packets after 15 seconds.

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@osvaldorosadoq I'm not familiar with that rig, but what line are you uncommenting?

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