@kb1gim Start out as a shack sloth, then try something local with a not too difficult summit.

@berry I'll probably keep building slowly. It's not so much the equipment/technical considerations as the "paperwork" that's involved. 😜

@kb1gim yes uploading everything does take time. Do you need to officially be part of SOTA? can you activate mountain tops and enjoy it? I know some people will want to log an official SOTA contact but before SOTA it wasn't a contact killer, a chat about the gear your using would be enough.

@kb1gim SOTA is fun, but keep in mind that some summits aren't fun for that.
For my first (and only so far) activation I have selected a small mountain near my city. What I didn't took into consideration was the big TV, radio and whatnot transmitter on top of it, few meters from me.
My poor Yaesu FT2D had no idea how to deal with it. People heard my calls, but I didn't hear anything back. This way I unfortunately interrupted other SOTA activation taking place already.

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