For the last few months I've been helping a school prepare for CanSat (a sort of satellite mission, only its orbit is about 500m). They've asked for more help on the electronics.

Custom PCB's are a possibility.

Breadboard currently has a RPi pico, bmp280 sensor, LoRa module and potentially a GPS and method of driving a servo. Nice to have would be an micro sd slot

Opinions please. Too much for 17/18 year olds?

My KiCAD fu is bobbins so would need a checker to point out errors as well.


@g7kse Not at all, the castellations on the Pi Pico make it a doddle to mount and I assume you'd also be using breakouts for the other bits too? If that's the case I'd maybe also consider making it plug n play by using the pin headers and sockets so they can easily pull the boards and re-use them for other projects?

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