Hey, I'm a new ham, got my Tech a couple days ago, nearly got my General. I'm in the .

I almost got my license 30 years ago when I had an Elmer; this instance and the free QRZ-1 finally lit a fire.

I do as a hobby; my long list of upcoming ideas:
- learning CW
- rigs (e.g. kits from QRPme)
- µBitx
- rpitx (filtered, natch)
- a portable to drive it all

and are also in my future; I hike for already.

Thank you for welcoming me.  

I am interested in , , , , , , , and just about anything in between as long as it is .  A fan of .

Also run the digital modes and radio, generally now, and , , , , , etc.

Computer-wise I am a fan of OS's and a user, macos before that and also the BSDs.  

72 de Guillermo - HK4KM


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