@F1RUM @do1mj I tend to be a bit heavier than that at a guess. I've started taking more 3d printed parts for the vhf and hf set ups. However almost all of my activations are single day trips.

@F1RUM the AA battery pack is going to limit you a bit. I use LiPo batteries. Not sure where you plan to go but up or in the clear is going to help. Pick your time of day to suit the band and avoid any contests.

@W6AIT that's right. My rig has memories you can define. Just set them up and away you go. Also n1mm logger does the same thing via cat.

The good thing about CWA is that all the homework is available without restrictions cwops.org/cw-academy/cw-academ

@g0fcu I saw you on lidspotter earlier Simon. Always going to be a work in progress for me. Very surprising how quickly I progressed, especially with error free sending at 25wpm for the rubber stamp qso. Just shows that 1hr a day is really what you need

@tony do it. You won't regret it. It's quite intensive but worth it

@W6AIT Just the keyer on the rig. I found that if I send over 25 wpm I make more mistakes and that upsets the proper contesters.

BTW I totally recommend CW Academy. Brilliant set up and I couldn't have done it without them

After a few weeks on the CW academy class I've managed to work my way through a CWT contest without getting in a mess. Those sending less than about 28wpm got hand sent CW. Over 28wpm they got button pressed CW.

If I carry on like this I could actually be almost competent

@crossbar it's an 8 mile round trip from Wasdale head car park. I take around 25 minutes to do a mile on terrain like that. I did stop and fill up with water from the beck as well.

Its a great summit, loads of space and easy to get to. Less bother than Kirk Fell, which is also brilliant for SOTA and almost always empty.

Easy to get to ennerdale and Buttermere from there as well.

Another bit of today. This time Pillar G/LD-006.

31 qso's spread across 30m CW, 2m FM and 2.3Ghz FM.

Nice day out for 32 more points in the bag, brings me up to just short of 700

Some tomorrow if I can drag the family out. G/LD-003 Helvellyn. As always on vhf but will take 30m cw just in case this wind dies down

@sebastian brilliant. Thanks. I didn't really want vias but no big deal. If I can explain this well enough to a teacher then I will tackle the condensed board with a minimal rp2040, lora, bmp280 and GPS without needing breakouts

@sebastian theres a bit of a theme here. I need to take more care on placement and checking pins 🙂

@sebastian will do, also on long teams meeting. really appreciate it. was sent one of these circuitspecialists.com/GPS-MOD

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