tomorrow with a bit of luck. A new thing for me but there's one just down the road. So why not. QRV around 14:00UTC (ish - depends on if I have a snooze 🙂 )

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@crossbar tu. Listen out for some shoddy CW and swearing if I only make 9 qso's

@g7kse I'd love to but I don't have a home station and only radio when I'm out doing POTA.

@MM0INH I'm going triple rigged. 40m, 30m, 20m and 2m. The sun better not fart again or there'll be trouble. Come to think of it I bet there is a contest on 😅

@g7kse Two contests! CT Navy day 🤷 ...and a UA contest of some sort.

...but your pack is smaller than mine- honestly the ft818 is built like a tank and it also weighs like one!

@MM0INH bollocks, contests do my swede sometimes. I'll aim for WARC then. Might make up a quick 17m EFHW then. The 817 is brilliant but it's just too heavy for long days. Fortunately I've not got to go far.

@g7kse Rucksack, motorbike and a wee jaunt after.. but it is always the heavy item on my back.

@MM0INH it's only a mile for me if that. All on foot this time. Plenty of room for biscuits

@MM0INH there is a domestic issue. No jaffa cakes, but there is Soreen.

@MM0INH well hf sucked a bit. How did you get on? 40m was flat, 30m had a few and 17m had a few more but I couldn't seem to make myself heard.

@g7kse I was out 9:30 to 2:30- Head a few on 17m but nothing, just Russian contest stations on 15m, so in the end 10 on 20m and 20 on 40m- so 30 ssb all in. 40 was good early, but like you, others were complaining about it later.

@MM0INH was truly bad early afternoon but pick up later on. Puny power could cut through on ssb and CW only really started working much later. You did very well

@g7kse Puny power- - - i found a German station running 200mW portable. 54 with me in the peaks.
Nothing special antenna wise either.

@g7kse I feel shame having 5w- I was just showing off really.

@MM0INH you and your big rig. I'm buying a linear and beam for portable ops now

@g7kse dont forget the quad bike to carry it all!
Actually that would be cool AF..

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