A while ago I attempted to use some well used code for a CW decoder on a TTGO ESP32 board. I had another look at it today and still got nowhere. TFT's do my nut.

Happy to accept offers of help but ONLY if you can explain it to me so I can write it down so I don't go through this again.

I would very much like to finish this project. It will be trivial for some with coding skills I'm sure.

@io83MZero it's the ttgo Clint. It seems to only really support the eTFT_SPI library. I put the code here github.com/g7kse/TTGO-CW-Decod.

Of all the decoders I've made this seems to pretty good. Was going to make a bit of a club project with it as you only need a cap and a pair of resistors on the input.

@g7kse Obviously it has to be a board/display combo I've *never* used so I'm afraid I'm useless for this.

@g7kse However, it seems you can set a region of the ST7789 screen as 'scrollable' so instead of blanking a character you could just scroll the old character off screen using that chip feature and then write the new one in the same place?


@io83MZero it is probably the wrong board / screen combo as I know it can be done with the SH1106. I might just have to follow the G6EJD version which actually works.

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