I just published a new blog article about my lightweight SOTA equipment that I carry with me on my long distance hiking tours.

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@do1mj good idea this tag
It is always difficult to choose the right stuff: no superfluous but all required. It is a hard compromise.
I try to do the same for HF and, then, it becomes more complicated to stay under the kg.
My last attempt: 1.240 kg

@F1RUM @do1mj I tend to be a bit heavier than that at a guess. I've started taking more 3d printed parts for the vhf and hf set ups. However almost all of my activations are single day trips.

@F1RUM 1.2kg is also very good already and yes, it's harder for HF as you said. The microphone on your picture looks super heavy 😁

@do1mj this Astatic mic is a recent acquisition, it is amplified with a 9V batt and weights 190g.
But the rig is really tiny (103x30x75 mm), so the mic seems very big.

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