@SP9UNB I, for one, like to print valuable web pages to PDF. This way, I can read them whenever I choose to. I bookmark them, too.

@W9SSN nice pic! Could you post pointers to the paddle instructions? I'd really like to make them for me.

@cotharyus I mostly do FT8 and then use the radio speaker on low volume to have a bit of radio atmosphere in the shack. When I work CW (embarrassingly rarely) I use earbuds because it helps reading, doesn't annoy the wife as much, and I don't own "real" headphones.

@kelvin0mql your story sounds unpleasant, really. Especially because I can relate to both you and the ARRL.
What sounded familiar to me was the trouble with the ARRL. For me, it was the problem to renew the ARRL membership using their strange web form. Your initial description reminded me of this.

@W0AEZ have you tried wine? Using wine you can run plenty of Windows programs on Linux. Sometimes it's worth a try.

@N3VEM @M0YNG technically a German word. But ... no ;)

The German word that comes to mind that describes the story nicely is "verpeilt", a mild slang term for being absent-minded and, as a result, screwing up things somehow. To be used as either a verb ("ich habe das verpeilt" - I screwed it up) or an adjective ("der Typ ist total verpeilt" - this guy is absent-minded and prone to screw up things).

@edithmair1 Wichtig bei Ferngläsern für Himmelsbeobachtung ist eher die Größe der Öffnung, weil die bestimmt, wie viel Licht in die Optik fällt und wie hell das Bild ist (bzw. wie dunkel Dinge noch sein dürfen, damit man sie noch sieht). Und 50x bei Ferngläsern glaube ich eh nicht. Normal ist 8x, besser ist 10x. Oft wird angegeben z.B. 10x40. Das bedeutet dann 10x Vergrößerung, 40mm Öffnung. 10x40 ist für Himmelsbeobachtung ganz prima. Aber Vergrößerung ist nicht das einzige Qualitätsmerkmal.

@M0YNG I don't think the esp has USB. The Raspberry Pi Pico has, though, at a similar price point. You'll wonder why you'd still use the esp, though.

Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

@W0TTY hi and welcome to this instance. I'm sure you'll like it here! :alex_grin:
Say, what are we seeing on the pictures you attached?

@F1RUM more seriously, I own the 7300 and like it a lot - especially since you can hook up the computer directly with USB, no further strings attached. The filtering is also cool. But the 10dx is at least a close contender. So I've heard.

@smitty @N3VEM @M0YNG Yeah, do you know how they call a Big Mac in New York? - They don't call it a Big Mac? - No, they ain't got the metric system. They wouldn't know the heck what a Big Mac is.

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

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