About that digimode interface that I fixed: no, I didn't. Turned out on 40m the darn thing wouldn't work. Another thing got me curious: 1W went okay, 2,5W was critical and 6W killed the device right away. I'm currently hypothesizing that I have an RFI problem and experimenting with aluminium foil for shielding. Looks promising.

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I'm pretty sure now that it's lack of shielding. The device works for 20 minutes straight, which is outrageous, considering the previous performance, but as soon as I remove the wire that connects the make-shift aluminium shielding to my rig's gnd, I get the same old I/O error as before. Nice.

@dl4mat nice to have a fix!

May also be worth shoving a ferrite on the cable connecting the interface to the other device.

I had an issue where my TNC would interfere with itself (via the radio, obviously), but a ferrite on the cable to the radio fixed that.

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