My home brew digimode interface still makes fldigi and WSJT-X act up. I guess I'll have to debug it again, this time focusing on the UART to USB converter. I'm this close to buying a digimode interface but I'd really prefer to build at least some of my stuff myself. Then, again, I could also imagine myself operating for a change.


For testing, I replaced the sound card in my digimode interface with a different type and it seems to work like a charm. Maybe using a USB sound card for like 2 EUR wasn't that good an idea.

@dl4mat I do wonder how many people have followed a guide that said "it's ok, just get any usb thing off eBay" and then had this issue

@dl4mat Not sure if this is useful but I've been using WSJT-X with a Sabrent USB adapter ( hung off an unpowered Anker hub (literally dangling in space atm!).

It has been fine for a couple of years (on a Pi) + It uses the bcm2835 driver.

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