Put up my new inverted V with a choke balun. Two hours of work resulting in a minimum SWR of 3.9 at a frequency that is too low. Guess I'll have to put in some more time to get this thing to work.

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@dl4mat I had similar problem when building a 14 MHz dipole.
I had forgotten to divide half wave by two to get one side length : 2 wires of 10m are for a 40m band dipole instead of 20m I expected 😅

@F1RUM Ha! :-) no, it's not that. The QRG with the lowest SWR is 13,66 MHz, which is just a tad below my beloved 14,050 MHz. I hope the SWR is so high because the feedline touches the rain gutter. I'll fix that tomorrow. And decrease the length a bit.

@dl4mat if you know why, you will certainly correct it 😉

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