Ham radio stuff 

So far, I have only had 70cm/2m handhelds, but I am considering buying a small rig. Small because I have no shack and would use it in a hilly area. So I need to go for a walk to have any chance to get a QSO.

I am considering the Elecraft KX2 and the ICOM IC-705. The latter would be my favourite, if it weren't for the missing antenna tuner. That + the small batt and higher usage make it all in all heavier = less attractive.

Feels like I can never decide.


Ham radio stuff 

@andrej from what I heard, the KX2 isn't super rugged and has quite large ventilation openings. You might want to check that if outdoor operation is your thang.

Ham radio stuff 

@dl4mat Not so much my thang but a bit a necessity w/o a shack. Thanks!

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