Fotografía de un control de sonido histórico, el de Antena 3 Radio en Madrid. 📻🎧🎙

CO2 lights for a class room (small electronics/arduino project)

Took me a moment to see the hidden Easter egg in this one... 😆

Leaving that here in case someone is interested:
GNU Radio Amateur Radio monthly meeting group

but the best part is the ! 😀 (currently used for play/pause/next if calls are incoming)

Software-defined radio academy talks at starting already now with Dr. Jean-Michael Friedt: Bitstream clock synchronization in an ACARS receiver: porting gr-acars to GNU Radio 3.8 youtube.com/watch?v=kvzbTsuOd5

Has someone managed to an (here: ) from Linux?

I can run the CSP in wine, Linux shows the interface /dev/ttyACM0, I created a link in .wine/dosdevices/ but the CPS doesn't show the COM port.

(boosts welcome)

Dem @RaumZeitLabor wurde von Vermieter gekündigt, weil Brandschutz. Wir suchen in #Mannheim neue Räumlichkeiten! Am 31.10.2020 endet unser Vertrag, es eilt also etwas phänomenal großartiges zu finden. Wenn ihr etwas sehr, hört, wen kennt, der wen kennt: meldet euch!

what is currently the recommended tool to generate static web pages, preferably based on some kind of markdown? have some writing to do...

still not perfect but working. .. have to improve both my technique and programming

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greetings sent with my freshly built usb cw keyer keyboard

Just a few $$ missing to defend free software!

Donate Now | GNOME Patent Troll Defense Fund by GNOME Foundation


Did you know that "git checkout -" works much like "cd -" and switches back and forth between two branches?

You're welcome.

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