Thanks to @F1RUM for the idea and @dzuk for the work we now have an Angry Sun emoji.

@F1RUM pointed out that the existing sum emoji 🌞 is a happy sun which might not be the best reflection of our relationship with the scary ball of fire in the sky we have in modern times.

Now, we present to you, a sun emoji for the modern era.


We're making this emoji available as CC BY-NC-SA


Nice idea and I could see uses of such an icon.

But I stumble over
"We're making this emoji available as CC BY-NC-SA".

Could you provide a sample text with the legal material one has to include in each post using that icon, to satisfy those licenses' requirements? (Isn't that a bit impractical?)
@F1RUM @dzuk

@dj3ei @F1RUM @dzuk in the case of a mastodon server it's normally sufficient that the server includes a statement on the about page (or similar) saying it uses the emoji and the relevant licence (for example mutant.tech/download/#mastodon )

If you were to use the emoji on your website or qsl card or computer game etc. You'd put a similar statement in an appropriate place - not next to every occurrence of the emoji

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