Decided to beat the heat by activating Cape My Point at the very southern tip of New Jersey. The sea breeze was knocking the temps down 20F. Ended up with 43 QSOs and had a great time.

@N3VEM Hey I see you activated Cape May Point State Park back in 2018. Any tips for the park? Thinking about taking my dx commander on the beach and working qrp.

Had plans to activate K-8319 across the Hudson River from Manhattan but the entire park seemed to be closed for a bike race. Did a quick audible and tried K-2149 knowing nothing about the park. Ended up being a great spot to set up!

Bands seemed not great and ended up with around 40 QSOs.

Looks like I'm activating POTA park K-8319 on Sunday. It's across the Hudson from Manhattan and almost under the George Washington Bridge. Should be a fun one!

Tried my first qrp activation last Sunday. I was the second person to activate k-8883. Set the kx3 to 3w and ended the day with 47 ft8 QSOs (and a sunburn).

Hi I'm Cory, callsign NV3Y. I enjoy , the budgeting program YNAB, the Pennsylvanian convenience store Wawa, and this mp4 -


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