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Howdy there, K5BTW here. I'm located in Texas, have a general ham license and a gmrs callsign, my bands are 2m&70cm, fm and . My radios are an alinco DR-735t, and a radioddity gd77 with firmware. I dig , , , , , and other stuff! My calling frequency is 147. #420 mhz 😎

Free wok!

I found this at an apartment dumpster. I had to sand it to get the rust out so hopefully it still works!

Got the kids together for a family photo

my growing radio collection, from left to right, midland gxt1000 gmrs radio that i found in a field (the volume knob broke off so someone just chucked it out the window. Still works with a small screwdriver), radioddity gd77 dmr radio, radioddity ga-510 fm dual band (basically a baofeng with better firmware), then the mototrbo 7550e as the newest member

Rubber padded hose clamps wrapped in heat shrink, to keep the mast from collapsing

I got this mount for my antenna mast, there's no guys up and it's working fine though I may guy it later

I got my mast up tonight to test out. It's an ed fong jpole on a 40 foot mast. I was able to key a repeater 65 miles away 🤯😎

Got my coax! 75ft low loss from dx engineering.

That's -1.4db @ 146mhz and -3db @ 440. I think that'll do just fine for my purposes.


This thing is so cool. I already measured all of my antennas haha, no wonder my mag mount is so terrible at vhf, the swr is >2 for the whole band! I think it's a fake after all.. I didn't take a picture of that. But the comet antenna on my truck now is 1.06 at 433mhz! Wow 😎

Sauce cantenna

I have some lids too but this works pretty good

I found 12 ft worth of aluminum tent pole in a dumpster. It's the exact diameter to fit inside a hole in my truck bed. On top is a tuna can, with my old mag mount stuck to the top

It actually does work, I picked up a couple db, lol

Suggestions welcome. Ground plane wires maybe

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