Today’s bread is spiced with allspice, fennel seeds, caroli seeds, apricots, dates and pecans and a drizzle of Australian native stingless bee honey (which is like super concentrated regular honey except totally different).

This photo taken before rolling in to a loaf.

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@berry oh gawd, I’ve killed so much sour dough starter. I just use dried yeast now.


@dadegroot first attempt, mother looking good, yeast free wholemeal sourdough, later in the week I'll try with yeast.

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@berry Technically of course, sourdough contains yeast, that's why it works, it's just wild yeast, as opposed to a known strain.

@dadegroot so if I put commercial yeast in with the mother next time will it rise more?

@dadegroot @berry it will probably rise faster (unless your mother is already very active).

@valhalla @berry I totally read that wrong initially, and thought you meant their Mother was very active (la mamma era molto attivo)

@dadegroot @valhalla as i got closer to the centre of the loaf it wasnt cooked enough.

@berry @valhalla Foolproof way to test a loaf, stick a cooking thermometer in it when you think it's done. It should be approx 90-96ΒΊ C in the middle. If not, back in the oven.

@valhalla @dadegroot @berry but… this way you don't get to eat bread that is still warm from the oven!

@valhalla @berry That is true, but it hasn't finished cooking when you take it out of the oven. It's still steam cooking inside until it cools.

@dadegroot @valhalla todays bread 2 loaves each 500g. 1st loaf baked at 220c took 1.25 hrs to get to 90c, cut after 6 hrs still very heavy. 2nd loaf 45min at 240c yet to cut. Will try again later in the week.

@berry Generally for a lighter loaf, got with more hydration and a longer fermentation. :)

@dadegroot @valhalla thanks re temp. I think that is the problem area. I'm working with a small benchtop turbo oven, still getting use to it.

@Defolos @berry I've killed a lot of starter. Thus for the bread I usually make, I go with commercial yeast these days. More reliable, if not quite as tasty.

@dadegroot @berry I have never had a starter and only baked with yeast so far, so no idea how long it would survive my treatment πŸ˜‰ But giving it a try sounds intriguing, even though it'll probably die or get eaten sooner rather than later.

@Defolos @berry Well they're quite easy to make. Just put equal parts flour and water in a bowl/jar. Cover with a cloth and within a couple of days it should start to bubble. Then feed it daily (equal parts flour and water) and remove some as needed (to use or just because you have too much). In some climates, you need to keep in the fridge.

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